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Despite all the advances in cybersecurity over the past decade, there are still big problems that need to be fixed. The most glaring issue is that many corporations and governments still rely on outdated technology and protocols that are vulnerable to attack. 

Another issue is the lack of collaboration between different industries and organizations. Cybercriminals often exploit weak points in an organization’s cybersecurity system by targeting specific companies or sectors. If all industries were more cooperative, it would be much harder for cybercriminals to find these weak points. 

Throughout the industry, there are many issues still clinging to the rim. We’re not done with any of the many issues yet, we are not quite ahead of them in any way, and we should never be in a position where we lapse in any way. 

IoT Botnets Are Still A Big Problem

One of the most pressing issues in cybersecurity is the proliferation of IoT botnets. These botnets are composed of devices that have been infected with malware and are used to launch DDoS attacks against websites or networks. 

As a major cloud infrastructure provider, we ward off thousands of attacks on an average day. On a big day, it’s a lot worse. EwDoor, Moobot, and dozens of other botnets are a plague, featuring endless varieties of different architectures or variations on attack themes. Attacks from just one variant can impact thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of devices. We must continue to hunt, isolate, and neutralize these threats as the IoT picture continues to grow. 

Ransomware Continues To Rise In Popularity With Attackers

Ransomware has become increasingly popular with cybercriminals in recent years and has caused billions of dollars in damage. The financial and disruption potential is too attractive for cybercriminal and nation-state actors to ignore. 

Further, many companies and governments are still vulnerable to ransomware attacks due to their use of outdated technology, processes, and protocols. In addition, many organizations do not have adequate backup plans in place in case their data is encrypted by ransomware. In the meantime, ransomware attackers plug away at high profile and sensitive targets. We have to fix that not only with stricter measures and better security, monitoring, and reporting, but also with proper budgeting and executive alignment.

Data Breaches Still A Major Issue

Data breaches are a massive corporate issue affecting the industry. In recent years, there have been several high-profile data breaches that have resulted in the exposure of hundreds of millions of records. Many corporations are still vulnerable to data breaches due to their use of outdated technology, practices, and processes. Clearly, the continuing data breach news shows we must continue to win hearts, minds, and will to defend our digital identities and businesses better. 

Cloud Security Remains A Top Priority

The cloud has become a critical infrastructure for many organizations and is increasingly being used to store sensitive data. As an industry, we must use a risk-based approach to work through and improve our security measures and protect our organizations from attacks. 

Zero Trust Security Emerges As a Top Priority 

In addition to DDoS attacks, ransomware, and data breaches, zero trust security continues to grow as a top priority. Zero trust security uses the principle that all traffic should be treated as hostile until it is authenticated and authorized. By implementing zero trust measures on our networks and devices, we can achieve better visibility into DDoS attacks, insider threats, and other identity-based threats.

The Future Can be Changed in a Day (or seconds)

After closing out 2021, there is a lot of unfinished business in the cybersecurity industry.  

●      Ransomware is a BIG problem 

●      IoT Botnets are a BIGGER problem 

●      Data Breaches are still a MAJOR problem

Mistakes that carry out in a matter of seconds can wreck a company and it can take careers along with it. However, when we take on the mission of Comprehensive and Compliant cybersecurity and take full advantage of the technologies, partnerships, and services available to help get there, the decisions of one day can be the seed of a thriving digital future.


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