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Another big Apple feature this year, Focus, helps you home in on what you need to be doing by letting you set up different Do Not Disturb “modes.” These modes will mute notifications from certain apps and contacts, while allowing others through. For example, you can create a Work Focus, that only lets in notifications from apps like Slack or Outlook, as well as work colleagues, but blocks notifications from Twitter and friends. After hours, you can create a Personal Focus, that does the opposite, blocking notifications from your work apps and contacts.

You can even set up statuses, so that when people try to message you during a Focus, they’ll see what you’re up to. You can set up an auto-reply, or allow urgent messages to get through. Best of all, you can sync Focuses across all of your connected Apple devices, so the Focus on your Mac matches the one on your iPhone and iPad. Check out our iOS 15 Focus guide here.

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