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Though Google Meet is a widely-used video conferencing tool, it does lack some functionalities vital for effective online meetings. Moreover, some other great features are available only with paid plans.

The good news is, there are countless chrome extensions available on the Web Store that can add these missing or paid features to your Meet sessions. Here, we discuss seven chrome extensions for Google Meet to make the most of your online meetings.

1. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

As the name suggests, Google Meet Enhancement Suite has several features that enhance your meet experience. Some of these features are push-to-talk, quick leave, pinned bottom bar, and quick start.

You can also join, mute, enable captions, and turn off videos automatically with this extension. It also plays chime sounds to notify you of new messages or participants.

Though you can use all the above-mentioned features for free, it does offer a pro plan with premium features. These include auto-record, meet attendance, emoji reactions, meeting timer, and hotkey editing. You can also activate dark, do not disturb, and picture-in-picture mode with the paid version.

Considering this extension has over 40 features, it’s best for people who attend meetings frequently and need multiple enhancement features.

Download: Google Meet Enhancement Suite (Free, Paid)

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2. Meeting Notes for Google MeetMeeting Notes Extension Screenshot

During online meetings, you’ve to toggle between apps to take meeting notes. But thanks to this extension, it’s pretty easy to make notes during your meetings.

Using this intuitive extension by Meetric, you can create meeting minutes and to-do lists within the meeting tab. It also allows participants to collaborate in real-time and create a shared agenda. Best of all, you can keep the history of meeting notes and go back to them whenever you need to find any information.

To boost your productivity, it offers integration with Google Calendar, Notion, and Slack. This extension has both free and paid plans, with the latter costing $5 a month. So if you’re in charge of making meeting notes, this extension is for you.

Download: Meeting Notes for Google Meet (Free, Paid)

3. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Although Google Meet does have Breakout Rooms, it’s limited to users who have paid Workspace plans. However, if you’re on the basic Google account and want to use breakout rooms, this extension by Robert Hudek can help you.

Using the Google Meet Break Rooms extension, you can create breakout rooms in advance and during the meetings as well. It lets you view all the breakout rooms in a tile view, share video and audio with all rooms, and use a countdown timer for breakout sessions.

There are options for setting nicknames and customizing colors in Google Meet Breakout Rooms. It works well on devices with low memory and can be integrated with Google Classroom. It’s completely free to use.

Download: Google Meet Breakout Rooms (Free)

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4. Meet Attendance

Since Google Meet does not provide basic G-suite users the option to track attendance, you can use the Meet Attendance extension. This extension is especially useful for teachers who need to maintain a record of students’ attendance.

Using Meet Attendance, you can record the participants’ attendance and export it to Google Sheets. To take the attendance, go to the People tab and hover the cursor over the tick icon. Here, choose whether to create a new sheet or record attendance on a previous one.

Now, whenever participants will join the meeting, it will automatically take their attendance. You can also take a snapshot of attendance. Moreover, this extension notes the duration of participants’ presence along with the time they joined and left the meetings.

All these features are free for everyone to use. But it also has a pro plan that costs $2.5/month and offers more features.

Download: Meet Attendance (Free, Paid)

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5. Meet Plus for Google Meet

Meet Plus for Google Meet is another extension with dozens of additional Google Meet features. It’s a highly popular option with over 400,000 downloads and is available in multiple languages.

The notable features of Meet Plus are breakout rooms, dark mode, emoji reactions, and attendance. Moreover, you can conduct online quizzes and polls with Meet Plus. It also has a timer, stickers, press to talk, and real-time whiteboard sharing for collaborative work.

Best of all, you can reposition the Meet Plus bar on the screen to see participants clearly. For best results, all the participants should install this plugin.

Download: Meet Plus for Google Meet (Free, Paid)

6. Otter

Otter is an AI-powered extension that offers live transcription, captions, audio recording, note-taking, and several other useful features.

It transcribes your meetings in real-time, shows captions during meetings, and stores the meeting’s audio recording and transcription. You can view all your calendar events and notes in the My Agenda tab.

You can replay the audio and view notes to revisit the meeting details. Otter also associates a speaker ID with transcription to identify the speaker. It lets teams share notes and recordings directly from its app.

This extension works on Meet, Zoom, and other platforms and has multiple plans, including a free one. But if you want to use basic features on Google Meet, a free plan would suffice.

Download: Otter (Free, Paid)

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7. Timer for Google Meet

Timer for Google Meet enables you to regain control of your time and conduct effective online meetings.

The simple timer appears at the top of the Meet window, displaying the elapsed time. You can choose whether to display the timer as the countdown. Similarly, you can either hide the timer from other participants or display it.

Download: Google Meet Visual Timer (Free)

Supercharge Your Meetings With Added Features

Thanks to the above-discussed browser extensions, you can add more features to Google Meet and upgrade your experience. But installing too many extensions can hamper your browser’s performance.

So if you want more features for your online meetings, it’s better to look for other video conferencing platforms instead of installing half a dozen extensions.

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