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A week has gone by and my experiment of using the iCloud Keychain Password exclusively on the iPhone, iPad and Mac is over. The verdict? Well, I just reactivated my 1Password Safari (and Firefox) plug-ins and added 1Password to Password Autofill on iOS and iPadOS.

What did I learn from the experiment?

1. Importing 1Password entries to iCloud Keychain Password was quick and painless, but not perfect. There were issues with back-up codes and notes – they were not imported since iKP does not support it (yet). I also have files and attachments on 1Password, which were not carried over to iKP. I know that you can use the Notes app and encrypt it for security, but that is a bit tedious. I am waiting for the new features coming soon on 15.4.

2. Using iKP on iOS and iPadOS definitely was pleasant as it was available on the entire system. On the Mac, without an iKP plug-in for other browsers, such as Firefox, I had to do a lot of copy-and-paste to login it. No issue if Safari’s the only browser I use, though.

3. Creating new passwords was an issue that made me write a separate Shortcuts. New passwords are available on Safari, but it was not as flawless as I’d like it to be. Using 1Password was easier, but I decided that having a Shortcut is more fun!

4. I wondered why OTP was not migrated from 1Password to iKP. I don’t remember if those in iKP was migrated from 1Password or if I configured it earlier. Anyway, re-generating the OTP was not that complex – I deleted the one on 1Password and re-enrolled the account with OTP on both 1Password and iKP. Now they’re both synced.

5. Password sharing is still not available on iKP. The past week, I didn’t see the need to share a password with my family, but since I have a shared vault on 1Password, going all in on iKP might not be a good idea without password sharing.

6. I almost forget, I have a lot of stale accounts on 1Password. I trimmed the database when I reviewed the iKP entries, weeding out online services that I was no longer using made me feel better (sent a number of requests for account deletion). Now I feel that my online footprint is a tad smaller now.

With these issues, iCloud Keychain Password still has a lot of catching up to do. If I have not invested on 1Password before (with password sharing, back-up codes, notes, attachments and files), iCloud Keychain Password is sufficient. I am looking forward to the next updates from Apple, and maybe I’d do another week without 1Password.






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