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For a majority of social media managers and professionals in the business world, Instagram growth is at the top of the list of things they’d like to achieve in 2022 – Instagram growth is increasingly important in the modern business world.

You may be wondering, But, how can I achieve Instagram growth? Instagram growth tools are a key factor in the growth journeys for many accounts. In this article, we’ll break down the way that Instagram growth tools work and talk about how relevant they’ll be for you this year (hint: they’re still relevant).

What Are Instagram Growth Tools?

What Are They?

An Instagram growth tool, also known as an Instagram growth service, exists to help Instagram users build up their following on the app. Users typically subscribe to a growth service in order to begin the journey, and then they work with the growth tool in order to improve their profile on Instagram.

How Do They Work?

Each Instagram growth tool works a little differently, but they all have the common goal of helping you to increase your number of followers. The best tools also help you to increase your engagement rates on the app, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Some Instagram growth tools function by providing you with the tools you need to improve your profile; others guarantee a set number of followers (although using this type of tool is highly discouraged); and, other tools work on your behalf to enhance your reputation on Instagram.

Why Do You Need Them?

Think about it this way: receiving help in improving your Instagram is better than not receiving help, right? In other words, using an Instagram growth tool will only be beneficial to you (as long as you use the right one), so there’s no harm in giving it a shot, right?

So many Instagram users have employed the help of Instagram growth tools – and have been very happy with the results! So, why shouldn’t you join the trend and watch your follower numbers increase?

Are They Still Relevant In 2022?

Well, we gave a bit of a spoiler earlier, but the answer is definitely: yes! Instagram growth tools are still a powerful and relevant method of improving your Instagram account.

The Current State Of The Market

So, what is the Instagram growth service market looking like these days? Essentially, it’s filled with a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Instagram growth tools come in all different forms and varieties, and it’s great to have so many options.

Certain growth methods are better than others for various users, so it’s important to do your research when selecting a growth tool. You should look into the pros and cons of each service, the style of service, and the reviews. There are so many solid options on the market; however, there are also some scams out there. So just be careful before committing to anything.

Different Types Of Growth Methods

There are many different methods of growth offered by various Instagram growth tools. For example, some tools provide you with the means to edit your content in a way that’ll make it more appealing to other users. Other tools help you to use the most effective hashtags in boosting your posts. One of the most effective options is to help Instagram users get connected with real followers through being active on their pages.

Speaking of real followers, it’s important to note that you should never use an Instagram growth service through which you purchase fake or bot followers on Instagram. If a growth service advertises that you’ll receive a specific number of followers on the app, this is a big red flag.

Instagram growth services that help you to obtain real followers won’t be able to guarantee a specific number of followers, since the growth that they offer will be authentic. If a growth service guarantees a set number of followers, this means that you’ll be purchasing fake followers. So, your follower number will go up, but all of your new followers will be fake accounts.

The danger with employing this method is that you won’t receive any engagement from the bots – they won’t interact with your content, causing your engagement rates to go down. Additionally, purchasing fake followers violates Instagram’s rules, so your account can be temporarily or permanently banned from the app.

Why They’re Still Relevant In 2022

Instagram growth services are still a relevant aspect of social media in 2022 for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is that Instagram is one of the top social media channels used in the business world. Therefore, achieving growth in order to have a relevant presence on the app is very important. Growth services will help you to ensure that you don’t fall behind your competitors.

Additionally, increasing Instagram followers continue to be a priority for professionals. Even if you’ve been satisfied with your current number of followers, it’s not a good idea to remain stagnant with your account. Increasing your followers helps you to increase your popularity, enhance your reputation, and overall achieve greater business success.

Finally, automating your growth will be a lucrative time-saver for you. Growing on social media is of high importance, but we get it-you’re busy! Handing over the mechanics of the growth to a trusted service will help you to focus on the important tasks you need to do every day, without stressing over your social media accounts.

How To Choose The Right Instagram Growth Tool

As we mentioned earlier, different growth services will be better for different Instagram users. So, in choosing the right one for your account, it’s important to start by identifying what you need from the service.

Do you need the tools to improve your content? Would you like to track your analytics or plan and schedule your posts in bulk? Are you looking to connect with more real followers?

Think about these questions, consider what you need in order to enhance your profile on Instagram, and then start doing research on the tools that provide the services you need. From here, it’s all about reading reviews, analyzing the features of each tool, and selecting the best one for your account.

It’s also a good idea to research some of the top Instagram growth tools overall. This can give you a good idea of which growth tactics work for other accounts and what methods are most popular currently. It’s great for inspiration and provides you with a basis of knowledge for comparison as you continue researching.

The Best Instagram Growth Tool

So, which Instagram growth tool is the best of all of them? Our vote: Kicksta. This service will help you to earn authentic, real Instagram followers through organic, natural growth.

Unique Selling Points

What’s so great about Kicksta, you might be wondering. Here are some of the best features offered by the growth service:

  • Onboarding courses
  • VIP email support
  • Blacklist
  • Advanced targeting
  • Real followers 

These features are offered in Kicksta’s Standard and/or Premium plans. Additionally, users can subscribe to the Kicksta Boost. This offers a variety of unique services in addition to everything offered in the Premium plan.


Kicksta’s Standard plan is available for $49 a month, and the Premium plan is offered for $99 a month. The Kicksta Boost is available for $218 per month. Kicksta users pay monthly and can cancel their subscription at any time with no penalty, so there’s no long-term commitment required when you sign up to use Kicksta.

If you’re thinking that Kicksta seems like a great option for Instagram growth, but you’re still apprehensive about committing – here’s the best part. Kicksta offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you have two weeks to test the service with no risk.

All Things Instagram Growth

So there you have it…a breakdown of Instagram growth services, why you should use them, and why they are certainly still relevant in 2022. This year is full of opportunities – make it your year to soar in popularity and success on social media.

Using an Instagram growth service will help you to reach your social media goals. And, with a service like Kicksta, you can jump in and start your growth journey as a test run, without an initial commitment. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with that growth, and then come back and let us know if we helped!


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