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Entrepreneurs have captivating lives that bears the most risks and enjoy most of the honor. Entrepreneurs are a combination of developments in technology, financing, and corporate culture this is behind the rising power and strength of small companies. As a result, increasingly more individuals are joining large organizations and pursuing the creation of their own business. One such name in the realm of entrepreneurship is Himanshu Sharma. After failures, many youths don’t feel the urge to give it a shot, but Himanshu Sharma never stopped believing in himself.


This ace entrepreneur has been in the field of bug bounty since 2009 and has worked with Internationally recognized companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, Uber, and many more with the hall of fame listing as proof. Himanshu has helped many celebrities such as Harbajan Singh in recovering their hacked accounts and also assisted an International singer in tracking down his hacked account and recovering it.


He was a speaker at Botconf’13, held in Nantes, France, RSA 2018 held in Singapore. Himanshu also spoke at the IEEE conference which was carried out in California and Malaysia as well as for TedX. Currently, he is the co-founder of Bugs-Bounty, a crowdsourced security platform for ethical hackers and companies interested in cyber service. He is also an author whose two books titled “Kali Linux- An Ethical Hacker’s Cookbooks”,” Hands-On Red Team Tactics”


Currently, he is heading the security for 5irechain. Himanshu is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer and network security Industry. Qualified in windows security, vulnerability management, Internet, security, and Ethical Hacking.  Himanshu is a strong business development history of working in the computer and network security and Ethical hacking Industry. He is a strong business development professional with a bachelor’s in Technology focused on Information International Technology from MCU Asia.


Talking about how to pull the uncertainties that the budding entrepreneurs face in the industry, Himanshu Sharma stated, “It would have been very easy one could plan and expand their business if it would have been predictable to forecast what’s influencing business trends or what the clientele requires. However, the good news is while we don’t have a crystal ball, we can get a sense of how the market is changing and how the changes will affect your long-term business strategy. The more you understand about market trends, the better you’ll be able to use them to your advantage and gain an advantage over your competitors. Sure, reviewing short-term statistics might help with day-to-day business planning, but don’t forget about trend predictions.”


Living in a amazing technological period one needs to pay close attention to the advents that are taking place around us frequently. In the same realm, Himanshu Sharma is creating new milestones for future generations.


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