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Automatic Discord Token/Account Generator

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I’m looking for someone with with experience with Python to create an automatic discord token generator. I require this in order to send many direct messages on discord (discord is very strict with DMs and bans accounts very quickly if they send too many DMs, which is why I need to be able to generate an “unlimited” supply).

When creating an account on discord, you are required to complete captcha.
The program you create must be compatible with a Hcaptcha API Key such as this site The accounts must be verified with an email and phone (sms api). There are several different temporary email and phone sites that could be used for this. When an account is created on discord it gets a “token”, this token must be saved. Passwords, usernames and profile pictures for these accounts can be random.
The final file must be in the format email,password,token. Each account needs to be created on a different proxy as discord can put in blocks if it sees the same ip is creating several discord accounts. The account generator needs to be able to generate hundreds, if not thousands of discord accounts within an hour.
Please let me know if this is something you may be able to create. If it is, some of my key questions are:

  • What would the timescale be to complete this project? (I have a tight timescale of up to two weeks due to a deadline and also discord is constantly changing its code, meaning the tokens may not work for long. People on discord are also rapidly closing access to their DMs).
  • How much would this cost? Would it be a fixed rate or hourly rate? If it’s an hourly rate, are you able to provide parameters where you will be able to complete the project within a certain amount of hours?
  • Would the software be compatible with MacOS?
  • How many accounts do you think could be generated per hour?
  • The cheapest phone and email verified tokens that work that I have found are $0.10, in order for this project to be worth going ahead with, the tokens generated need to be $0.01 or under. (costs for captcha service and apis etc)
  • Will the software need to be run on a computer with high RAM? This is not preferable for me due to ongoing VPS rental.
  • Tokens must be compatible with the DM bot I am currently using (I can send this bot to you so you can test compatibility)

Please note it is important to be aware of Discords rate limiting and the “token snowflake” structure

Many thanks,



  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


Can work remotely. Expert must be experienced in python. If they have any experience on a project similar to this, that is also ideal. Good communication is key, I will also need a rough timescale and idea of costs. I understand these aspects cannot always be pin-pointed – but an indication will definitely be necessary as I’m working on a deadline.

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