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Job Title

Backend Python Developer for Distributed Company

Job Description

Long term job where you’d be part of a team which works closely together, figuratively. 🙂

The team is geographically distributed and trips to meet are rare.
Work hours are flexible but must be compatible as communication is fluid, therefore, we need you to be between UTC+3 and UTC-3 (this includes half of America, Europe, Middle East and Africa).
The work is Python backend development.

Systems are mostly REST services, webapps or message passing (brokered) agents.

Development is TDD, Python, Domain Driven Design on Linux, organized in an agile fashion. Many AWS technologies are used but they are not a prerequisite.

We are looking for decent, self-managed, driven people who will care to produce good quality work and can work in a team effectively.

In order to more quickly understand your Python proficiency, there are 2 simple problems for you to solve. Some people clearly just Google the answer and then fail the interview questions spectacularly. Don’t waste your and our time and give them an honest try.
Please, solve these problems as if they were job tasks, not just an exercise.

The first one is to write a function that tells you whether a word is a palindrome.
A palindrome is a word or a phrase that is the same whether you read it backwards or forwards, for example the word ‘refer’. On the other hand, ‘refers’ is not a palindrome.

The second one is to write a function which, given a string, finds the length of the longest sub-string without repeating characters.

For example:

In: "abcabcdc"
Out: 4
Why: The answer is “abcd” which has length 4.

In: "bbbbb"
Out: 1
Why: The answer is “b”, which has length 1.

Finally, we would like to know a bit about you other than what is normally in the CV. One characteristic of our company is that we are remote workers which measure results, not hours. The side-effect of this is that you will be quite free to manage your own time.

  • Which would be the positive and the negative aspects of this for you, personally?
  • H​ow do you manage yourself?

We offer 3.000 USD per month.

If you are interested, please send your CV and the four answers to


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


There are some skills which take long to develop, so it would be greatly beneficial to already have:

  • The official company language is English and a very good level is required.
  • Five years of experience developing software is required.
  • Python takes months to master so good knowledge is required.
  • Experience with operations on Linux is important.

About the Company

DomainsBot has been helping the leaders in the domain and hosting industry extract value from data and drive more revenue for almost 17 years.

Founded in Rome, Italy in 2004, DomainsBot is today a well-known and respected name in the industry. We are a young and diverse team with strong technical skills and a comprehensive knowledge of the domain market.

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