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About the Best Antivirus Software of Windows 10

Having one of the best Windows 10 antivirus programs installed on your PC will give you top-tier defenses against malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and other attacks, without costing you too much. Some of these antivirus programs come with a two-way firewall to complement the one in Windows. They can also offer a secure browser for online shopping and banking, “rollback” of files that have been encrypted by ransomware, and advanced protection to stop all kinds of threats: phishing emails, malicious web links, fileless malware, or malware infections. boot sector.

From ransomware to fileless attacks and blended malware, there are plenty of threats out there, some you’ll know the names of, some you may never have heard of, no matter how careful you are online. But these entry-level programs don’t offer most of the extra features you get with higher-cost Internet security suites. Only a few of the best Windows 10 antivirus programs provide VPN service or backup utilities, and none of them have parental controls. A couple have unlimited password managers. We’ve reviewed the best Windows 10 antivirus programs to see how well they protect you against malware infections, how much they slow down your system, and how much you should pay. Since everyone has different requirements, we also have tips on choosing the best Windows 10 antivirus software for you.

Check out the list of the best Windows 10 antivirus software

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

When you go to buy a melon, you can pick one that looks good, pick it up, and smell it to see if it’s ripe. But there is no similar screening test for antivirus software, so how do you choose? Independent antivirus testing labs, which evaluate and rate dozens of antivirus solutions, can help and declare Kaspersky Anti-Virus the winner.

Kaspersky’s main window hasn’t changed much in my recent reviews, with the same slightly textured white background and plenty of white space. There is a status panel at the top, a More Tools button at the bottom, and button panels for scanning, updating database, reports, and on-screen keyboard.

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Bitdefender AntivirusPlus

The consumer range starts with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. As you might guess from the name, it goes well beyond regular malware hunting with a stack of useful security and privacy extras: an extra layer of ransomware protection, Wi-Fi security scanning for network issues, banking protection. through a secure browser, file deletion, a vulnerability scanner, and a password manager.

Bitdefender’s other new features are harder to spot, though still welcome. An iOS Security Assessment highlights risky security settings and suggests changes; Android app now detects and blocks more link-based mobile attacks; there’s ‘deep-level analysis’ to discover the cause of a Windows attack, M1 support and faster scans on Macs, and, hooray, dark and light modes for Mac and Windows.

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Norton Anti-Virus Plus

Norton Antivirus has been around for as long as Internet threats have existed, but that doesn’t automatically translate into a great protection app. Indeed, Norton Antivirus has had its ups and downs. In the past, the application was well known for being a hog of system resources that didn’t work well with Microsoft Windows and wasn’t always accurate. However, times have changed and Norton Antivirus has worked to repair that image.

Norton Antivirus still uses the Windows malware definition engine to power its security offerings, and those virus definitions are updated multiple times a day as needed to stay effective against new threats as they emerge. However, in addition to signature scanning, Norton also has heuristic capabilities, which means that it is always watching and “listening” for files on your hard drive to detect any kind of unusual behavior. This helps ensure that you are protected against zero-day attacks for which a virus definition does not yet exist.

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antivirus ESET NOD32

A subscription to NOD32 costs $39.99 per year. Each additional license adds $10 per year. Kaspersky, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Webroot, and many others are priced at or close to $39.99 for one license. McAfee costs $59.99 per year, but that allows you to install McAfee protection on every device in your home, including devices running Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

The main window includes a lot of white space, along with an image of ESET’s blue-eyed cyborg mascot. To start a scan or update, you can use the menu on the left side or a couple of big blue panels near the bottom of the window. If there is a configuration problem, the green security banner changes color. If NOD32 needs your attention to display the results of a full scan, for example, you’ll see the number of notifications next to the corresponding menu item.

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McAfee Anti-Virus Plus

McAfee provides excellent real-time malware detection along with some of the best web protection on the market at a great price. McAfee also has a ton of useful extra features, includes an intuitive dashboard across all operating systems, and provides coverage for up to 10 devices (U.S. users can also get coverage for an unlimited number of devices, not offered by any other main competitor).

The McAfee antivirus scanner uses traditional malware detection methods, which check files against McAfee’s huge virus database, as well as heuristics, which identify potentially dangerous files based on their behavior. McAfee is one of the rare antiviruses with consistently excellent results against all types of malware – the only other brands that can compete with McAfee include Norton, Bitdefender, TotalAV and Avira, which successfully identified and removed all malware samples during all of our tests . .

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Top Security from Trend Micro

If you are here, reading this article, surely you have your PCs protected with a security suite, or at least an antivirus. Maybe you’re also security savvy enough to protect your Macs with an antivirus. But for truly comprehensive security, you also need to extend protection to those mobile devices that take up much of your attention.

Trend Micro Maximum Security provides advanced protection for Windows and Android devices, does more than the basics in macOS, and even goes beyond what most competitors offer as iOS security. Whatever the platform, you have your security covered.

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Avira Antivirus Pro

Avira Antivirus is a German antivirus program that has 500 million users worldwide. Its appeal lies in its simplicity, wealth of features, and a free version that gives you a test drive without spending a single penny. In addition, Avira Antivirus has good malware detection rates and offers constant real-time protection.

However, in the period February-March 2020, Avira managed to block 100% of the threats provided. Apart from this stellar result, it did not detect any false positives, which is quite rare even among the best antivirus programs. 2019 was also a successful year for Avira, as it came in first place during four different test periods by blocking 100% of threats. Furthermore, it detected almost no false positives, only 1 out of 175.

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Avast premium security

Many companies offer security at four different levels: free antivirus, commercial antivirus with enhanced features, security suite, and premium cross-platform mega suite. Avast has simplified that pattern, with only free Windows and macOS protection apps, plus all-inclusive Avast Premium Security. Both Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security have dropped out of the lineup. The full cross-platform suite offers a lot of protection for Windows and Android, less for macOS, and very little for iOS.

Some apparent bonus features turn out to be extra cost add-ons, in some cases revealing the upsell only after you’ve spent some time on them. Avast Cleanup Premium scans your system for useless and erroneous files and registry items, with the goal of speeding up performance by removing this junk. But when you go to solve problems found, ask for another $1.99 per month, or $2.49 for 10 devices.

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