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Picture yourself spinning the reels of a slot game. When, suddenly, the jackpot lands, lights start flashing and displaying a seven-digit number. You instinctively start planning the shopping list. The dream gets crushed when you figure out there is no real jackpot. It’s all been a scam. This is not a hypothetical scenario, as numerous documented cases of cheated players are documented. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact number because most cases go unreported. However, research indicates that globally scam online platforms pocket billions of dollars per year by not paying out winnings or through theft of personal and financial data,

Instead of being their next victim, learn the red flags, and stay away from suspicious online casinos. We provide helpful tips for identifying operators that don’t play by the rules.

Missing License

Reputable casinos don’t expect players to take their word when they advertise they are legitimate casino operators. They acquire an official seal of approval from a governing institution. That’s why seasoned gamers look for a license number in the footer of an online casino. If one is missing, they take a pass and continue vetting other platforms. The most common licenses are Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao E-Gaming License.

The last license is a popular location for online casinos, but Curacao is in a gray zone. Curaçao’s Gaming Control Board is not very active in resolving disputes. The institution requires players to try to resolve the problem directly with the casino before making an official complaint.

Anonymous Game Developers

The recent boom in online casinos has triggered the emergence of numerous software providers. While it’s not strange to come across unfamiliar brand names, something is fishy if the list of games suppliers has a deficit in industry leaders.

Always look for a platform that has recognizable titles in its game lobby. Serious software providers are not in the habit of partnering with fraudulent platforms. These less-known companies can serve as cover for games with rigged random number generators, which will never produce a win.

Limited Cashier Section

The best online casinos go for diverse banking options, aiming for players’ convenience. This is highly unusual if your target platform has only debit and credit cards. There have been cases where casino websites have popped up, offering only this payment method. Their goal was to siphon off card details from players. Never deposit funds before you are sure the operator meets all criteria for legitimacy.

Payment Issues

This is a topic that relates to our previous section. However, the scheme is not focusing on stealing banking details but rather on prolonging the withdrawal process or, in the worst-case scenario, not transferring the funds. It’s a common issue in recent years. Casino websites provide numerous excuses about the reason for the delay.

Typically, online casinos approve and process withdrawals within one to five days. When the process gets postponed for up to a month, it’s a worrying signal. The Player’s options are limited because legal recourse is difficult with companies registered offshore.

Absent Ownership

Anybody can open a casino website. Remember that legitimate gambling platforms get managed by officially registered and regulated companies. In the iGaming industry, it’s not unusual for a corporation to manage numerous platforms that happily disclose their ownership structure. When a casino website is not listing ownership details, it’s hiding something. Avoid casinos with an abstract ‘About us’ page and no relevant contact info.

Find Casino Blacklists

This is the fastest way to eliminate a significant number of potentially hazardous casino URLs. Learning from others’ mistakes is the cheapest form of education. The web supports several forums and a dedicated website that catalogs online casinos with dubious credentials or well-documented history of players’ complaints. For novice gamers, databases of fake casinos are a valuable resource.

Final Thoughts

The gambling industry is worth billions, and the high frequency of players opens many opportunities for scammers. Playing at an online casino is not risky only if luck is not at your side, but you can be a victim of fraud. There is a reason security is a frequent reference when debating platforms. The best way to stay safe is not to get caught in one of the traps that await players. Hindsight is not something you want from a gambling scam. Use our tips to distinguish between a genuine from a rogue online casino, and have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

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