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Islamabad: Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that he didn’t expect the “player” Imran Khan to tax contraceptives, Samaa TV reported.

Addressing the Pak National Assembly session, he blasted the government over new taxes proposed in the mini budget. I didn’t expect that player Imran Khan would tax contraceptives, Bilawal said.

Baby food and formula milk is also being taxed and these taxes will attack the poorest of our society, he said, the report added.

These taxes would affect women empowerment and worsen malnutrition. Bilawal said that he thought Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan would come to his office on bicycle because he used to say that in his campaign speeches.

But, while he uses a helicopter for trips from Banigala to PM house, poor people have no other options but to switch to bicycles due to rising fuel prices.

The PM takes notice of inflation every week but then imposes more taxes instead of controlling inflation, he said.

PTI claims to be a party of youth but it has imposed taxes to stifle the potential of our youth, Bilawal said, reminding the House that the Shehbaz Sharif government in Punjab used to distribute free laptops among students.

The PTI set out for a digital revolution and brought people from Google but now, the party of Facebook and Twitter has imposed taxes on laptop, mobile phones, Internet, Bilawal said, the report added.

Bilawal criticised the government for proposing taxes on donations and charities, calling it a tax on Shaukat Khanum.

Be it floods in Sindh and Balochistan or snowstorm in Murree, this government always delays rescue efforts. But now they are imposing taxes on donations and relief goods from abroad.



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