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Managed security and cloud services firm Ciracom Cloud unveiled its B2B marketplace on Friday (Jan. 14), which offers a cloud-first approach to business and technical information for “people who care deeply about problem-solving.”

The Ciracom Cloud marketplace includes more than 1,000 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions, complete with product pages that allow users to make the decisions that are best for their businesses and situations. Customers can change their subscriptions, review their accounts and work with cloud experts to understand what they need to be a cloud-first company, per the company announcement.

“We have listened to our customers for more than 22 years,” said Amy Rutt, Ciracom Cloud’s founder and CEO. “Their time is precious, as are the resources committed to their technologies. Our marketplace was built with this in mind; the core value of saving all of our customers’ time.

“It accomplishes this by providing curated experiences where they can review our industry’s top practices, manage their own SaaS products, and work in real time with cloud experts to problem-solve and transform their operations.”

Rutt says the input from Ciracom Cloud’s Customer Advisory Board “has been invaluable and they will continue to provide feedback as the marketplace’s roadmap evolves.”

“Everything about it comes back to this question: How can we make your business better? This will always define our vision, and we will not release any new features without this crucial customer input,” Rutt continued.

Self-provisioning by using the Ciracom Cloud B2B Marketplace saves customers time and money, said Greg Hanssen, chief technology officer for Ciracom Cloud.

“This ensures they can focus on higher-level conversations and projects, rather than wasting time on tickets and routine licensing needs,” Hanssen said.

Ciracom Cloud started in 2000 with cloud services on Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

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