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SUNBURY — Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz is warning residents of an increasing number of scams related to Medicare.

The county Area Agency on Aging reported that one of their clients received a call from a scammer pretending to be from Medicare. The caller advised the resident that her Medicare number was being canceled and said a new card would be issued with the correct number.

The resident was asked to provide the caller with her current Medicare number for verification purposes and once confirmed, a new laminated card would be issued to her, the DA said.

After the phone call, the resident was contacted by a local pharmacy who wanted to confirm an opioid prescription in her name. The resident was unaware of any such prescription and declined it. She then called Medicare and reported that her account had been compromised, the DA said.

The DA advises that a person hang up on anyone claiming to be from Medicare or any other agency and call a known published number for the agency residents intended to contact. The use of caller ID spoofing allows a scammer to display any phone number in your caller ID in order to lend credibility to the scam, the DA said.

Open enrollment for Medicare begins next month so these scams may occur more frequently, the DA said.

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