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A SCARY TikTok scam is said to be spreading on the app and could trick you into giving away a lot of money.

A TikToker who describes himself as a “tax professional” has highlighted the scam on his popular page.

The popular TikTok creator pointed out a scam commentCredit: TikTok / @dukelovestaxes

Creator @dukelovestaxes posted the video that warns TikTok users to watch out for scams in comment sections on the platform.

He said: “There is a new scam going around on TikTok.

“It’s called an impersonation scam and it’s where a scammer adopts a creator’s profile picture and a similar user name.

“But if you actually click on the account it has no content.

“They get you to text a WhatsApp number where they then ask you to pay close to $5,000.”

He then points to a scam WhatsApp message where a cybercriminal is pretending to be offering a service in exchange for money.

The TikTok star then gives some helpful tips on how you could stop yourself falling for this scam or a similar one.

He said: “Unfortunately, many people have already fallen for this scam so here are three ways to avoid it.

“One, check the spelling of the name.”

He then points to anomalies in a scam account that is pretending to be his own @dukelovestaxes.

You may find scammers add an extra letter to their fake account or some numbers and hypens.

The TikToker continued: “Two, if the creator is not verified and they’re commenting in their own comment section, their comment will always have creator next to it.

“Three, just click on the page, typically they have no type of content on there.”

He concludes: “Please be careful out there. If you notice someone doing this just call them out and report their account.”

Scams involving a cyber criminal pretending to be someone you trust or a celebrity are very common and you should always double check who you’re talking to if you’re thinking of providing personal information or sending money.

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