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Job Title

Data Scientist/Data Engineer

Job Description

We have an existing commercial SaaS platform that consists of 3 components: a web application, several 3rd party databases integrated into our backend, and a Natural Language Processing, supervised ML model based on a custom taxonomy.

We are looking to build 2.0 of our platform, with an enhanced supervised deep learning model based on a confluence of data from various data sources (e.g., patent, financial, and market data).

Our Data Scientist/Data Engineer would need to integrate new data sources into our backend platform, review existing ML models and create a new supervised NLP deep learning model using the integrated data sources and custom taxonomy to categorize data according to that taxonomy. This could include the creation of new data processing pipelines, and various ML processes including data preparation, training, classification, and deployment workflows.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


Role Responsibilities:

  • Integrate new data sources into the existing backend, ensuring interoperability and integrity with the current platform flows
  • Prepare new ML processes and define areas for improvement for existing ML processes
  • Work in close collaboration with back-end engineers to ensure compatibility of changes
  • Assist dev team with processing and integrating data analysis
  • Clearly document processes, methodologies, and tools used

Experience Required:

  • B.S. in relevant technical degree
  • 2 to 3 years experience working with and building supervised machine learning models
  • Proficiency with technical writing and data visualization
  • Ability to work independently and integrate with other dev teams members
  • Project management skills, to scope out timeline, methodology, and deliverables for a supervised machine learning model and integration into the platform

Logistics: Geography, Work Status, Etc.

The position is remote. Because of certain clients, BlueFoot prefers a U.S. citizen or green card holder, but is willing to consider someone with a U.S. work permit and proper visa. We are also looking for someone full-time to join us immediately.

About the Company

BlueFoot is the source of truth for patent intelligence. Patents protect revenue and investment in the market. Given that, patent intelligence is not complete UNLESS it integrates financial and market data. We provide SaaS platforms that correlate multiple data sets (patent, financial, and market data) using supervised deep learning, in order to answer fundamental questions related to patent and innovation strategy.

We provide patent intelligence to corporate IP departments and the defense sector. We are expanding to technology transfer, venture capital, and financial institutions.

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