Deputy City Manager Patterson found her ‘niche’ in local government | #socialmedia | #education | #technology | #infosec


When Mindy Patterson started working for the city of Abilene 30 years ago, there were two essential tools to  balance a budget: Paper and pencil.

That’s how it was done when Patterson, now deputy city manger, joined the city’s finance department as a backroom accountant, she said.

What she needed to learn, though, went beyond how reports were run or checks written, she said.

“When I came to work for the city, I had no idea what all we did,” she said. “But in a budget, you see everything, and so you learn a lot of things that are behind the scenes that that most people don’t even know we do.”

Always a “numbers person,” Patterson said she’s also a self-described “hometown girl,” born and raised here and never wanting to live anywhere else.


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