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Appointment Type: Permanent Full-Time

Primary Purpose of the Position :
Director of Communication Technology and Information Security Manager (ISM) within the Office of Information Technology will serve as IT Information Security and Compliance Manager with the primary responsibility of developing, managing, and monitoring the Information Security Program and providing compliance and security for the campus IT communication infrastructure components. The ISM will oversee Network security, server security, IT access security, and user access within the WSSU Infrastructure. Along with the University CIO, the ISM also establishes procedures for enterprise wide service owners to mitigate security risks, provide audit compliance, and support IT governance, acceptable use policies, and IT capacity planning.

The Director of Comm Tech and ISM is responsible for identifying and managing the IT security portfolio and assigned personnel and components (including network, servers, applications, data center, access, and user authentication), with both internal and external elements, and to lead in the remediation and protection of university data. The Director of Comm Tech and ISM will lead projects and initiatives to resolve security issues and is focused on the implementation of continuous improvement efforts to strengthen the Information Security Program. The ISM must identify and manage monitoring tools and metrics to evaluate the WSSU information security posture to ensure compliance and adherence to WSSU IT and University level policies.

The Director of Comm Tech and ISM is responsible for establishing an Information Security Program dashboard that reports on the health of WSSU’s information security posture, whereby proactively identifying non-compliance and remediation needs, manage remediation efforts to assure IT Service Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability and will manage, coordinate, and facilitate the daily operations and long-range planning of the university’s information systems resources, including software, databases, servers, operating systems, network infrastructure and telecommunications infrastructure. The ISM Will also participate in various technical and strategic system-wide projects as assigned (ex. NCREN Internet bandwidth analysis, ERP and DR Centralization, System-wide security assessment, Cyber security projects and assessments, campus-wide Wi-Fi and broadband deployment, and Video and VoIP deployment. The ISM will act as Chief IT security contact point for Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, and UNC System-wide designated activities, security workgroups, committees, and projects.

The ISM will also act as Deputy CIO and second in command in assigned operations designated by the CIO, and in the absence of the CIO when required by the CIO.

Preferred Years Experience,Skills, Training , Education:
Eight (8)+ years’ working experience in higher education environment concentrating on advanced IT systems and supporting security infrastructure is highly recommended. Extensive experience in strategic security and communication infrastructure planning, implementation and management of applicable system-wide security technology solutions (such as security monitoring provisioning, vulnerability assessment provisioning, and security policy management) is also required. Knowledge of ISO, NIST,Information Technology Industry security standards, IT Risk assessment methodology, and vulnerability testing is critical and required.

Five (5) + years of experience deploying and maintaining or monitoring network infrastructure (ex Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, Extreme, F5, and others), and an advanced knowledge of network topology and infrastructure in higher education environment is highly preferred. CISSP or CISO certification or training completion highly preferred but not required.

Other preferred skills and experience include but not limited to: Advanced technical knowledge of Banner/ERP, virtual systems and other specialized academic and administrative systems; Advanced knowledge in Commercial Identity/Access and Security Management Systems; and experience with active-active system failover, virtual cloud systems.

Advanced knowledge and expertise in capacity planning, budget management, and Security Information Management systems are critical management skills needed. Outstanding communication skills, demonstrated ability to work in team environment and proven experience in fostering positive team spirited technology culture in higher education environment is recommended.

B.S. degree in Information Technology, IT Business Management, or Information Security Management or M.S. in engineering technology with expertise in IT security, telecommunication and high-speed networks is required although a combination of education and experience will be considered.

Special Instructions Summary:
Please Note: A criminal background check will be conducted on candidate finalist prior to the offer of employment. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completing an electronic application. The application must be competed in full detail (including work history) for your qualifications to be considered. Failure to complete the application completely may result in you not being considered for the vacant position. Your application for the position will not be complete until you receive an online confirmation number at the end of the process of applying for a position.

Winston-Salem State University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.

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