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Reporting to the Vice President of Predictive Analytics, evaluates variety of internal and external data sources by analyzing both the
depth, breadth, and quality available data elements. The Predictive Analytics teams develops predictive and prescriptive data solutions
which require a single source of the truth. This role will lead the creation of the analytical data store to ensure accurate, stable, and
repeatable data is available to support the Predictive Analytics team.

This role will lead the requirements, design, development,
deployment, data quality monitoring, and metadata documentation required to support a modern analytical data store. The analytical data
store will support the entire student journey while focusing on marketing, retention, placement, tuition and scholarships, graduation rates,
student learning, student engagement, and other relevant academic success factors to be used for decision making related to enhancing
student outcomes and academic excellence.

Conducts research to evaluate current data stores while identifying opportunities for
improvements to influence the future design of the analytical data store. The analytical data store will contain both granular
structured/unstructured data as well as aggregated data elements to ensure optimal flexibility to support a variety of analytical use cases.
Partners with University decision makers to understand the foundational data and analytical needs to ensure optimal requirements/design are
created to ensure student success for all students.


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