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Today, Mozilla announced several new security features for Firefox on Android. These new features are centered around passwords and keeping your various online identities secure. What’s particularly interesting about these features is that they offer some degree of cross-app functionality, allowing you to do things like accessing your stored passwords outside of the Firefox browser itself.

The timing of this announcement is not random either, as today kicks off Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Mozilla’s latest blog post begins with a refresher on which passwords are not considered safe, with the topic today being superhero passwords. So, if you were thinking of using “Superman” or “Batman” or even any of their secret identities as your next password, perhaps reconsider that decision because those passwords have made many appearances in breached datasets.

Indeed, unique passwords are where it’s at, and all three of Firefox’s new security features on Android are centered around making those unique passwords easily accessible. Firefox on Android will soon offer cross-app functionality that will allow you to create and store login information for accounts created in other apps. Those passwords will then be accessible through both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox.

In addition, Android users will be able to autofill login information with the usernames and passwords that are stored in Firefox, which potentially eliminates the need for a password manager as long as you keep your Firefox passwords up-to-date. Finally, Firefox will allow users to unlock their passwords with biometrics, whether those are fingerprint or face scans.

You can read more about these new security features over on the Mozilla blog. Look for all of them to land with Firefox 93 on Android, which is releasing on Tuesday, October 5th.

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