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Officials say Hardin Countians should feel confident about the security of their ballots tomorrow.

Daniel Logsdon, chief technology officer for Hardin County Clerk’s Office, said fraud would be nearly impossible thanks to a myriad of security implementations.

“You’d have to have everyone in the whole state in on it, basically,” he said.

He said none of the voting machines are connected to the internet, they don’t network, and they aren’t designed to communicate wirelessly.

Everything is done based on a memory card using older technology. That technology is difficult to get today, according to Logsdon, providing an additional security modality.

Only a finite number of these cards will work and, Logsdon said, even if someone did get their hands on one, the system would know an extra card was introduced.

“In other words, they know exactly how many are made for each county for that election,” he said.

Complementing all the computer-based security checks, Logsdon said election officials also are watching for sleight of hand and trickery, things that have been going on for more than 200 years. He said using voting centers means more voting security, too.

“Instead of just four election officers [watching], We’ve got upwards of 30, and their eyes are on everything,” he said.

Logsdon said election officials will balance security with privacy.

“They don’t watch so closely that they can see how you vote, but they watch closely enough to make sure you aren’t doing something weird,” he said.

Enough checking and re-checking of ballots occurs to notice inconsistencies in the votes, Logsdon said.

“Any discrepancy that could come up, if it was done with the intent to get away with something, you’re going to get caught,” he said.

Hardin County Clerk Debbie Donnelly projected turnout for the primary would likely be just below 20%. Normally, she said a good estimate would be between 11% and 14%, but she feels the judge-executive race may draw more voters to the polls.

Donnelly encouraged voters to double-check their registration before election day so they can anticipate what ballot they’ll receive.


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