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Gone are the years when different internet browsers used to compete with each other. In the last few years, Google Chrome has beaten every other browser, be it Edge, Firefox, or Opera.

The Chromium engine, which is the base for Google Chrome, has been adopted by its competitors including Microsoft Edge and Opera, amongst others.

Despite having the same engine, Chrome has dominated the market because of fast loading times paired with a large collection of extensions.

Having said that, Google Chrome developers regularly update the browser with new features and UI changes. While UI changes are loved by the majority of users, sometimes changing little UI elements makes users go haywire.

This has been the case with the recently released Chrome 92. While some users did not mind the monochrome Google Chrome icon when opening new tabs, some thought they were infected by some kind of malware.

Fast forward a month, and Google has now released Chrome 93. Taking a closer look at the new version of Chrome, we can still see that the new tabs black/white icon is still present.


I’ve recently have gotten this new Google Chrome icon and this makes me worried sick as I thought this was some kind of malware. Although, I might be wrong and this might be a new addition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

After opening someone else colab notebook a weird dark google symbol is in my browser. Maybe I’m too paranoid. But I have never seen it. Any ideas what it may represent?

In case you are wondering if a malware is affecting your system, we are here to tell you there is nothing to worry about. The new icon is part of the Google Chrome 92 update.

If you are someone who dislikes the new tabs icon in Google Chrome 93, you might have to live with it for now. Or maybe, you can install some extensions that replace the new tabs page so the icon is changed.


But who knows, maybe Google may allow users to pick their new tab icon of choice in a future Chrome update. It would be really good if Google gives Chrome users the choice to customize the new tabs icon.

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