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Most users are concerned about the privacy offered by Google’s products including its operating software Android, according to a survey conducted by security firm Kaspersky.

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The firm analysed data obtained between December 2019 and August 2021, and noted that most users frequently opened security settings.

Google settings on Android, security rules for Android OS, and WhatsApp settings on Android were the most popular requests for privacy, according to the survey.

Among social networks, WhatsApp’s security level was most concerning to users among all messaging services. And, users most frequently viewed Facebook’s security pages on various platforms, followed by Instagram and Tik-Tok, Kaspersky’s survey added.

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Data privacy has become an increasingly important topic today, with users throwing light on the data collection practices of large technology companies including Facebook and Google.

“The visitor statistics in the Privacy Checker project show that users have begun to take an active interest in the privacy and security of their accounts and are looking to reduce their footprint where possible,” Sergey Malenkovich, head of social media at Kaspersky, said in a statement.

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