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It appears that Google has started a new campaign to emphasize just how secure Android really is. In the new advert, which popped up on YouTube, the company has rebranded its slogan, choosing to go with “Protected by Android”.

Google has committed to this new change by publishing a new 50-second spot on YouTube. The video doesn’t really offer much in terms of information, but it does give some key phrases that some could find encouraging. For example, “You’ve got peace of mind”. The video also touches on being safe from malware and other harmful apps, thanks to its “Verified by Play Protect” service and better management of personal information.

These same points are also mirrored on Android’s safety website. The website has also been rebranded, emphasizing the “Protected by Android” slogan.  While the YouTube video does a good job in its limited time, the website has a lot more details about security.

It goes into more detail on how Google Play Protect can analyze harmful apps before they are even downloaded to your device. There is peace of mind thanks to account security, with regular checks being put in place to see whether your account passwords have been compromised. Of course, this is just a small sample of what Android has to offer in terms of security and it doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down. It just simply means that there are layers involved in order to protect you during your Android experience.

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