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Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Timothy Masiu, warned that government departments and agencies that cyber security breaches is a national threat and have severe economic and social consequences.

“Therefore necessary measures must be adopted across whole of government to protect critical government systems and services. Cyber-attackers and hackers are now using sophisticated technology to hack computers systems and attack critical government infrastructures and services,” Minister Masiu said.

He said that further to this decision, the Government has also added Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to be a member of the National Security Council to advice on matters of cyber security concern.

Minister Masiu said this is a huge recognition for the Minister and the Department of ICT so the onus is now on the Department to continue to build its technical capabilities.

“With the endorsement of the National Cyber Security Policy, it is now incumbent upon respective

“To do that effectively, it requires proper coordination and collaboration among all government departments and agencies,” Minister Masiu said.

“The Department of Information and Communication Technology is developing a ‘cybersecurity strategy’ that will translate the policy goals and objectives into action strategy.

As part of the strategy development, the Department of ICT will be carrying out an audit across all public bodies in the first quarter of 2022.

It will establish baseline understanding of cyber security vulnerabilities and weaknesses within government and inform the appropriate measures to be taken under the strategy.

“The Department of ICT will be issuing further instructions on the methodology and approaches towards undertaking the ICT audits. I am calling on all public bodies from national to provincial and district level to render your support to the Department to undertake this important exercise.”

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