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The scheme is a bail bonding scam, and the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office does not want anyone affected to hesitate to call them with questions.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Editor’s Note: The above video is a report on how scams disproportionately impact people of color.

While scams are, unfortunately, nothing new for mobile phone users, Gwinnett County residents have been receiving scam calls more out of the ordinary than the average car warranty scheme, according to authorities. Scammers are claiming their victims’ loved ones have been taken into custody, and the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office wants to hear from those affected.

After receiving a high volume of scam reports, the sheriff’s office issued a warning on Wednesday. 

Authorities say scammers instruct their victims to deposit bond amounts through their credit cards or cash app services in order for their loved ones to be released from custody. If successful, the scammers will issue a follow up call to request additional money so that the loved one can be enrolled in D.U.I, anger management or other classes.

The sheriff’s office said they will never contact a resident directly concerning bonds. The only way to bond out anyone from incarceration in Gwinnett County is in person. Anyone who receives a scam call asking them to bond out their loved ones is being asked to call the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office at 770-619-6500 to have their questions and concerns answered.

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