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Online, calling and SMS scams are still quite normal these days but it seems that some are pretending to be Shopee. According to the company, there are some individuals online impersonating Shopee employees offering employment opportunities, cash rewards, and lucky draw prizes via messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp.

As a general rule of thumb, companies should never call anyone with a personal number. Shopee does not employ any individuals to recruit employees through messaging platforms for purposes of ‘increasing the exposure rate of merchants’. Moreover, contests such as “Lucky Draws”, “Tap and Win” and “Spin and Win” via the official Shopee app, official Shopee social media pages and official Shopee WhatsApp verified business account. 


Official Shopee contact portal

That said, TechNave and Shopee wish to remind Malaysians to avoid these scams, and not to fall prey to these fake employment offers or rewards. Should you or anyone you know got offered questionable job opportunities or contests, or have fallen victim to such scams, please contact the nearest police station and file a police report immediately. 

  1. SEMAKMULE, a PDRM platform to check on bank accounts and telephone numbers involved with commercial crimes:
  2. CCID Infoline (8:00AM to 12:00AM), a PDRM WhatsApp channel to check on the status of police reports and submit information on commercial crime cases: 013-211 1222
  3. CCID Scam Response Centre (8:00AM to 8:00PM), a PDRM information hotline to submit information or inquire information on online scams: 03-26101559 / 03-26101599


Above are ways for you to reach out to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM). You may also contact Shopee’s Customer Service hotline at +603 2777 9222 or email to verify. For those interested in pursuing a career at Shopee, please visit for more information.

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