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Apple’s iCloud Private Relay service gives users privacy, security, and convenience. It is best seen as a limited form of virtual private network (VPN) that protects a user’s Safari browsing activity from prying eyes. But, is it compatible with your enterprise’s existing VPN systems?

(TL;DR: Yes).

iCloud Private Relay and enterprise VPN

Solid VPN usage statistics are relatively hard to find. clams that two-thirds of Americans have used a VPN with around 38 million people making regular use of these tools. The move to working from home during the pandemic may have sparked an increase in such use, with 68% of companies beginning to or increasing their use of such services.

The inference is that more businesses than ever before now make use of VPN services, and they will need to know whether these are compatible with iCloud Private Relay.

The short answer is yes, they are compatible. Apple designed it this way.

“Private Relay is designed to provide clear status information and control to the user, and provide appropriate controls to enterprises and network operators that might require the ability to audit all traffic on their network,” the company explains in its recently-published guide to the service.

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