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What is the virtual private cloud?

We can say that the virtual private cloud comes to improve the security of the public cloud. They are all the resources that are hosted on the Internet and accessible from the cloud, but isolated from all users that can be freely accessed. This eliminates the doubts that we may have about the security of the public cloud.

What this type of service does is secure public cloud, which is contracted by a company, for example, with a VPN. In this way, it will allow everything we send and receive to go encrypted, from our computer to the public cloud of a company where we work, for example.

The objective is create a safe work environment, where all information is protected and encrypted. It can be said that it is a private cloud, but within a public one. In other words, within a storage where other users will be able to share their data, we will have our own private space that others will not be able to access.

Users who opt for this type of service can configure it to have different web applications, pages, etc. there. All this within an ecosystem that belongs to the public cloud, managed by a third party, but where others cannot access it and, therefore, maintain security and privacy at all times.

We can name some examples of services offered by the virtual private cloud. Some are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure or HP. However, there are many options on the web and it is a matter of finding which one best suits what we are looking for, what features they have, etc.

Advantages it offers

The virtual private cloud offers a series of advantages, as we will see. They allow users and companies to host content on the network and use applications in the cloud in a secure way. It is an alternative to other options, which is why many take it into account to migrate their infrastructure and always have it available on the network.


The first advantage is security. It is the main one and the reason why many users and companies opt for the virtual private cloud. It allows to protect the IP address, gateways and, in short, encrypts all the data that we send or receive. It basically acts as a VPN when we surf the net.

will also allow better control of data. It is a service that will isolate the data with other clouds in the network layer. We are going to control all that information and prevent it from being accessed by an intruder or from ending up in a folder controlled by another person.


Unlike corporate private clouds, the virtual private cloud is much cheaper. It also allows you to have a safe and protected space to store, unlike the public cloud, but in this case we do not need to make a large financial outlay.

It is very useful for example for small businesses. In this way they can create an environment where they can upload content and work remotely with guarantees. Some services can even be used for free and only charge for certain enhancements and features.


Another advantage of virtual private cloud is simplicity. Unlike other options, such as corporate private cloud, there will be no need to carry out complex configurations to be able to use this type of services. There are many platforms that allow us to easily store files or access web applications.

Once the service has been contracted, the process to use it is simple and intuitive. Therefore, simplicity is another key that we can mention. We will be able to customize it according to what we need, separate users, make changes… But all this without adding extra difficulty.

What stops the use of the cloud


Performance is also better than other cloud options. We will be able to better manage how to prioritize network traffic. In this way we can improve the operation of certain applications that we have configured in the cloud and eliminate possible problems that lead to cuts or slowness when using the service.

In addition, the very fact of being able to work in the cloud, of being able to access resources and files online, will increase the performance of a company. It is something that we use more and more in our day to day and one of the causes is to achieve greater performance when it comes to work.


Something highly valued by users when using this type of cloud is that it is scalable. has enough flexibility and it will allow hiring and configuring depending on what we need. It may be that at a given moment we need certain characteristics, but in the future we will have to expand the capacity.

This is very useful to adapt to the growth of a company without having to make large investments. At the end of the day it is like a virtual private server, that we can also expand the capacity and available resources as we see that we need more.


In short, we can say that virtual private cloud is the use of a server when it uses cloud computing and virtualization to create a private and secure working environment for a company. It differs from the public cloud in that it is not available for anyone to access, but rather is a separate section that we are going to control.

It is a fairly flexible solution, since it adapts to what a company really requires. It can be used by large organizations, but also small ones that simply want a place for their employees to work and store information safely and always maintaining control.


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