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AppCake is one of the best-known names for providing access to third-party content. Once known as a jailbreak app, available only through Cydia, AppCake is now open to all users, with or without a jailbreak, great news considering the lack of jailbreaks and the rising number of people looking for alternatives to the official iOS store. It’s completely free to use so keep reading for everything you need to know.

What is AppCake?

Developed by iPhoneCake and released by iPASTORE in 2008, AppCake offers an easy way to install unsigned IPA files onto the iPhone or iPad. These files are the apps that Apple refuses to allow in their store, not because they are illegal or dangerous but because they offer features Apple doesn’t want you to have. Unlike many other similar stores, AppCake offers a huge choice of modified apps and games but where it differs is that it also allows you to download your own IPA files and sideload them using the app.

How to install AppCake:

Although you do not need to install a jailbreak to use AppCake, you can still do so if you want. What you cant do is install AppCake via the official app store, not surprising given what the app is offering. However, installing it is easy enough to install; you just need to manually install the configuration profile onto your device. You do need to be on iOS 8 or above and AppCake now supports iOS 14. The one thing you do need to be aware of is that the AppCake developers used expired enterprise apps to build the app and these do get revoked by Apple and the app will crash. An anti-revoke app can help stop this from happening.

Here’s how you can install it on your device:

  1. Using Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, go to the AppCake website
  2. Tap on the configuration profile link and a popup message will appear, asking for permission to install
  3. Tap Install and head to your home screen
  4. When you see AppCake there, the install process has finished

AppCake is unofficial so, when you tap on the app icon, you will see an untrusted developer error. This has the name of the developer on it and is Apple telling you they cannot verify them:

  1. Open iOS Settings and tap on General
  2. Go into Profiles and find the developer
  3. Tap it and tap Trust

Now whenever you open the app you should not get an error.

How to Use AppCake:

AppCake offers two ways of installing apps – preinstalled or external:

Method 1: Preinstalled Apps

  1. Open AppCake
  2. Browse through to find what you want to install
  3. Tap it and follow the on-screen directions
  4. The app will be installed; if necessary, follow the above steps to fix the untrusted developer error.

Method 2: External IPA Files

  1. Use Safari browser to download your IPA files to your device – use safe sites only
  2. Send the files to AppCake
  3. Open AppCake and go to Downloads
  4. Tap the file and let it install on your device

Can I Use AppCake Without a Jailbreak

Yes, you can. Many years back, AppCake would only work through Cydia but the lack of jailbreaks led to the developers opting to allow any user to access their app for free. The app store even has a couple of popular jailbreaks in it, offering you a safe way of jailbreaking if your want to. And with all the content categorized, it is dead simple for you to find the apps you want.

AppCake Features:

AppCake has plenty of features to tempt any user. As well as the thousands of preinstalled apps and games, you can also sideload your own files and everything is completely free, is safe to use and perfectly legal. The developers also provided a few extra features:

  • File Manager – to help you monitor all your downloads, check for any issues with the downloads and manage your files
  • Web Server – to help you access your files from browsers on any device, giving you an easy way to upload and download files between your device and computer
  • Search Facility – find something to download easily
  • Custom Settings – make your download install automatically, stop iOS 12 and iOS 13 app crashes, and more

How Safe is AppCake?

AppCake is completely safe to use but the fact that it is unofficial is bound to lead to questions. The app is monitored every day and users can also report any issues on the developer’s official Twitter feed. Any issues that need fixing are done via an update which you must install to ensure the app stays safe.

Plus, you are not under obligation to install a jailbreak or hand over your Apple ID during the installation, giving you an added layer of protection and ensuring you don’t break Apple’s security. Our tests did not show any malware, exploits, viruses or anything else.

Download AppCake today and join millions of others using it as their app store; it’s completely free and you lose nothing by trying it.


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