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With over one billion users, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It is not just used for connecting with friends and family. Facebook also allows entrepreneurs and business owners to create their community and businesses pages that have access to several digital tools that might help the venture. That being said, since the platform is free to use and is widely available, some bad actors might get onto it to hack and take control over other accounts. In such a scenario, when a user’s account gets hacked, Facebook provides some helpful tools to recover the account. 

Users might lose control of their Facebook account due to multiple reasons. For instance, one might forget the password of their Facebook account or have lost access to the email ID they used to create an account on Facebook. Secondly, one might have logged in to their account on some other device that is now being used for unwanted activities on the social media platform. Last and the worst-case scenario would be a bad actor guessing the password of a Facebook account and hacking into it. Unfortunately, there is no Facebook helpline number to call and get the issue resolved. Find out more about how to recover your Facebook account below. 

How to recover your Facebook account?

  • User does not remember password: It is indeed an easy processor to recover a Facebook account if a user has forgotten the password. On the Facebook login page, the user shall enter their email address and then click on forgot password. Thereafter, a link will be sent to the user’s registered email address which will help them create a new password for their account and sign in. 
  • User forgot the email address: If the user has forgotten the email address used to create an account on Facebook, they can still recover their account using an alternate email address or a mobile number. In such a scenario, a user has to first identify their account by going to the following address: Once Facebook has identified a user, it will show steps to recover the account. 
  • User detects unwanted activity: If the user detects any unwanted activity, it could have been done from a computer or device they have been previously signed in to. In such a scenario, Facebook users shall go to the Activity Log found in Settings and Privacy. Therein, users can check where they are logged in and click on the three-dot menu to log out to end the session on that device. Resetting the password and logging out of all the devices is also a viable option. 
  • Hacked user account: If a user thinks that their Facebook account has been hacked, they can report it to Facebook at Thereafter, a user shall click on “My Account Is Compromised” and enter other details as asked by Facebook. 



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