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Google has a bunch of features made available to its cross-platform Chrome browser. From opening multiple tabs in a single browser, to sharing links to other devices, one can use the Chrome browser for several tasks on the go. Also Read – Best relaxing games to play on mobile in 2022

Interestingly you can have all the tabs on all your devices and have a seamless experience of internet browsing regardless of the device you are using, courtesy of the ‘Send Tab to Self’ feature. Although you can access opened tabs on other devices through the history page, Chrome Sync makes it a much more feasible option especially when you are using more than two devices at a time. Also Read – Motorola Moto G22 launched globally: Specs, price, India launch details, more

However, you need to follow a few tabs before sharing tabs across devices. First, you will require Chrome 77 or later to use this feature. You will also need to be signed to the same Google account across your devices to use this feature. While Google sync your device automatically it is advised to name the devices especially if you are signed in to more than two devices. That said, in this guide, we will show you how to share desktop Chrome tabs on your Android device and vice versa. Also Read – OnePlus, Oppo finally decide against a Unified OS; Oxygen OS, ColorOS to remain separate: Report

How to share Chrome tabs between your devices in simple steps

As mentioned you will need to be signed into the same Google account and install version 79 of the browser on the devices that you want to share Chrome tabs across. To check if it is enabled on Android simply head to Google Play > My apps & games and update Chrome. On PC, click on the menu button near the top right and search for Help > About Google Chrome. Once it opens, update Chrome and relaunch the browser. Then open a new browser and navigate to chrome://flags. In the search box of that page select three ‘Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature,’ ‘Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled,’ and ‘Sync clipboard services’ and enable it in the drop-down menus next to each of them. Once done relaunch your browser.

You will have to follow the same steps on your Android device as well. When you are done, relaunch the browser on your device.

Send a browser tab from your PC to Android device

-To do so just right click on the tab at the top of the screen.

-Then select Send to your devices in the context menu and click on the name of your device for instance Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Xiaomi Mi 11X, etc.

-A notification will pop up indicating an incoming tab, simply tap on it to open the page in your browser.

-You can right click on the current web page and look for Send to your devices feature.

-In case you want to send a Chrome tab from your Android device to the PC tap the menu button at the top right then tap Share and choose to Send to your devices.

-After that, you will need to select your PC following which a pop-up will appear with the link to that tab on your desktop. Tap on it to open the page.


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