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At MWC 2022, Huawei announced two new solutions for full-stack data management under the theme of “Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Summit”. These two new solutions include two scenarios of data centers and smart campuses.

According to the information, these two new scenarios apply to various products in the tech industry such as energy, transportation, and finance. For example, transportation industry, urban rail faces difficulties such as low train WiFi backhaul bandwidth, easy loss of real-time data, and low installation and deployment efficiency.

As revealed by the Chinese tech maker, its WiFi 6 communication solution can solve real-time transmission issues and provide a boasting speed of up to 1.4Gbps high bandwidth during the journey of the train at 160Km/h.

The solution automatically switches delay ports to bring the exact amount of required network speed. Aside from the tech specs, the installation of these solutions is also efficient.

Below you can check the complete translated transcription of Li Peng speech, President of Huawei Western Europe:


Full-stack data center solutions: From data center infrastructure, ICT equipment to cloud platforms, Huawei has a complete product layout. Create agile, efficient, and highly reliable green data centers through multi-mode innovations such as software-hardware integration and cross-product domain collaboration. The scheme has the following four innovative architectural features:

Renew Computing & Storage: Through the intelligent cloud management of the cloud platform, the agile supply of diversified computing resources is realized; the introduction of innovative DPU technology allows CPU resources to focus on processing business and maximize the value of computing power, such as a 30% increase in the number of virtual machines that can be hosted; through the collaboration of storage and NoF + network, a 2x storage performance improvement is achieved.

Renew Network: Through the collaborative innovation of DCI and DCN, one global network and one-stop minute-level network service provisioning are realized, creating an agile and efficient data center network.

High reliability (Renew Reliability): Through the full-stack integrated disaster recovery solution from hardware to the cloud platform, it can flexibly adapt to various business needs, and services can be online at any time; The storage service is restored within 1 second, and the service is not aware of it.

High energy efficiency (Renew Green): Through ultra-high-density design and innovative integrated cooling solutions, the ultimate PUE is achieved, saving more than 14% of electricity every year; through prefabricated modular computer rooms, the delivery time is shortened by more than 70%, reducing on-site construction waste, and creating green data center.

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