In Reversal, Israel’s New Government Engages With Palestinian Authority | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack | #education | #technology | #infosec

In addition to the Gantz-Abbas meeting, two government ministers and President Isaac Herzog have spoken to Mr. Abbas by phone and at least five ministers have met with senior Palestinian officials.

The government is also taking a host of practical steps that are likely to improve the lives of many Palestinians.

The government has agreed to grant residency to thousands of undocumented family members of Palestinians in the West Bank who have lived in limbo without any formal legal status, often for years, Israeli and Palestinian officials said.

Last month, Israel moved to approve the construction of about 1,000 new Palestinian housing units in an Israeli-controlled section of the occupied West Bank, an area where the government has rarely allowed Palestinians to build.

The government lent the authority $156 million to help it through a financial crunch, Israel’s regional cooperation minister, Esawi Frej, said. And it has increased by 15,000 the quota of Palestinian laborers allowed to work in Israel, where the minimum wage is about three times as high as it is in Palestinian communities.

The Israeli army has provided Palestinian security forces with more freedom of movement in areas under Israeli security control, according to an Israeli security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters. Palestinian officers had complained that the need for Israeli permission to enter certain areas had stymied active criminal investigations.

The army is reducing Israeli raids into areas under Palestinian security control, the official said.

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