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When you fly on a commercial airliner do you even bother to look in the seatback pocket in front of you? Most of us will reach in for the airline magazine and every now and then someone will take a gander at the safety card too. And almost all of us do everything we can to avoid the air sickness bag. We call it the puke bag where I come from but no matter what you call it, you don’t want to use it on an airplane, until now.

Suhyeon Choi via Unsplash.com

Suhyeon Choi via Unsplash.com

For many flyers the biggest issue, once we’ve stashed out carry-on bags, taken our seats, and fasten the seatbelt, is “what am I going to do with my time for the next several hours”? In response, many of the larger carriers on their larger aircraft have installed video screens on the seatbacks.

These video screens offer flyers many choices. You can choose to watch a movie, a sporting event, and even some television shows. But again, that “luxury” is only on the larger aircraft. What if you’re flying out of a regional airport such as the one we have in my hometown?

Shawnanggg via Unsplash.com

Shawnanggg via Unsplash.com

There is usually no video monitor but alas, most of us have a video viewing system in our pockets, it’s called a telephone. But balancing the phone on the table tray can sometimes be a challenge. Leave it to the social media site Tik Tok to come up with an answer none of us saw coming. Unless you had a thought about combining your puke bag and your iPhone then this is going to be new.

That’s a video from Tik Tok creator @katamogz and this is freaking brilliant. By using this “hack” you can turn your iPhone into your very own personal seatback video screen and the only tool you need is the puke bag.

If you couldn’t see the video, what @katamogz does is tuck one end of the puck bag between the iPhone and its protective cover. She then takes the other end of the puke bag and stuffs it between the tray table and the seatback. Thanks to friction the puke bag becomes a very inexpensive iPhone holder. Genius.

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Sean Gallup, Getty Images

I can promise you that I will be doing this very hack on my next flight out of Lafayette Regional Airport. I can’t wait to slap on my Bluetooth headphones, rig up my puke bag theatre, turn on a video, and then hope and pray I won’t need that bag for its intended use.

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