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Walmart is giving away KitchenAid mixers on Facebook for as little as $2.

Fact Check

In April 2022, readers emailed us to ask about paid advertising on Facebook that appeared to show Walmart giving away “leftover” KitchenAid mixers for as little as $2 each. However, this was nothing more than a scam. In reality, KitchenAid and Walmart had nothing to do with the posts.

The pictures in all of these ads and posts were doctored. (Source: Facebook)

A simple search using Facebook‘s search engine led us to three examples of pages that were running the scam. They were,, and None of these pages was officially managed by Walmart or KitchenAid. They were all created between April 12-15, less than one week before we published this article.

One of the posts that was advertised said that Walmart ended a “partnership” with KitchenAid, which supposedly resulted with “leftover KitchenAid mixers” costing $2 in what sounded like some sort of clearance deal. We found no evidence of this “partnership” news. It was all fabricated for the scam:

Source: Facebook

The text in the article read like this:

🛒🎁 Walmart ends the partnership with KitchenAid immediately! Leftover KitchenAid mixers for $2😱 Answer 3 questions & get it

Another post appeared in Facebook ads like this:

Walmart is not giving away leftover KitchenAid mixers on Facebook nor did the company end a partnership with the kitchen appliances giant.
Source: Facebook

It read as follows:

💥KitchenΑid Mixer
📣Walmart one-day-only promo
🔥The Top 100 Enjoy 5.87$ Price

The links advertised in the posts led to survey scams, which usually means endless questionnaires with no payoff for the vast majority of survey-takers. There’s even a chance that they involve phishing or other potentially dangerous outcomes.

In sum, we recommend avoiding all of these Facebook scams involving KitchenAid mixers and Walmart. The official Facebook pages for KitchenAid and Walmart are and Always look for a verified badge.

KitchenAid mixers are usually priced for hundreds of dollars. If anyone ever finds a KitchenAid mixer priced at $2, they might want to be sure there’s something in the box other than bricks.

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