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Q: Just curious. Whenever I use CCleaner, it asks me to close “Edge Chromium.” What/where is that? I use Edge and it is already closed before I start CCleaner. I don’t see Edge Chromium in the list of Microsoft programs.

— Marianne K., Destin

A: Surely there is more than mere curiosity behind your question, Marianne! This is an opportunity to learn! To broaden your horizons! To add to your personal modicum of tangential knowledge of the universe! I’m making this sound like a bigger deal than it actually is!

Pardon me while I bring my ego into check. A-HEM! There, that’s better. Now, I see this as two questions. The first is “What is Edge Chromium?” and the second is “Why does CCleaner tell me to close it when it doesn’t seem to be open?” I can, and shall, handle both of those for you.


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