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IT-One, one of the largest IT solutions integrators in Brazil, has announced the launch of its Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution with an integrated ransomware protection tool.

The solution, which is available in a subscription model, allows IT teams to be able to make complete copies of their data environments without the need for on-premises installations. In addition, it has external (off-site) and encrypted backup capabilities, ensuring greater protection and privacy of the copied records.

Felipe Roque, Business Development Manager, IT-One, said: “With digitization advancing daily, data has become one of any company’s most valuable assets. These records are worth a lot and, therefore, protecting information is an essential and imperative task to sustain the business.

“What our solution does is simplify the way companies can do their backups. Instead of having professionals, licenses and structures dedicated to this process, we offer subscription models, in which managers can have complete copies of up to 30 days of their environments. Everything is kept disconnected from the online space and already encrypted to prevent ransomware attack.”

With a fast and applicable implementation to the most diverse formats of legacy structure, the BaaS solution from IT-One brings as a differential the combination of consulting service, with professionals dedicated to backup and the customer’s routine, and also systems already fully aligned with the main standards of the market, such as the Brazilian General Data Protection Law.

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