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How do I make sure I add kaspersky protection when using firefox?  I saw a message on bottom right that said I can do this.



The name of this firefox add on is called Kaspersky protection 2021 by Kaspersky.


It does say below This add on is not actively monitored for security by mozilla.  Make sure you trust it before installing.


Your protection on the internet with extension from kaspersky lab                  Add to Firefox Button To Click on Here




Is there a way to confirm this is the official add on from kaspersky for firefox?  I do see that green shield with yellow check mark and lot of users and reviews.





When I click on it… 



It shows message


Add Kaspersky Protection?  This extension will have permission


Access your data all on all websites

Exchange messages with programs other than Firefox

Access browser tabs

Access browser activity during navigation



                                                                         Add                       Cancel

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