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Tens of thousands of people are being detained in makeshift quarantine camps


Shanghai residents, at the hands of China’s Zero-Covid policy, are being subjected to unprecedented neglect, mistreatment, and abuse, with leaked videos on social media confirming blatant human rights violations.

Disguised as “pandemic prevention”, these violations have exposed the cruel and inhumane side of Communist China’s system. It also brings to light China’s rigid and ineffective governance of the country, reported National Review, a US-based magazine.

Many leaked videos on social media show President Xi Jinping’s enforcers in white medical-isolation gowns beating people up, taking them away, or welding doors and shutting entryways with metal bars. Tens of thousands of people are being detained in makeshift quarantine camps.

These so-called pandemic rules have inflicted great misery on Shanghai residents. Men and women, adults and children, are crowded together under one roof, with insufficient food and a lack of other basic necessities.

The cruel treatment by the Chinese government has raised awareness in people in regard to their political and civil rights. Not only in Shanghai, but across the country people are now speaking out for themselves and their communities.

Beijing’s brutality caused many people to protest for their rights and stand up against the government. In the video ‘Voice of April’, Shanghai residents depict the endless suffering of people under the zero-Covid policy.

The video went viral and unveiled China’s censorship of its own citizens. Moreover, a Shanghai-based rapper Astro released a song, “New Slave,” to condemn China’s abuse of power and its neglect of human life.

These inhumane actions taken by China had more and more people come out to sing the national anthem, in particular, the line “Arise! Ye who refuse to be bond slaves!”

China with a view to suppressing the voice of its citizens, ironically, had to censor its own national anthem. Expressing concern and condemnation of the government’s stern Zero-COVID policies, Shanghai residents have formed a self-assistance and self-governance commission, unequivocally demanding democracy and freedom, and urging mass civil disobedience.

Xi Jinping has paid no regard to the sufferings of the people and has only acted upon his own will and interests. According to the media outlet, the Biden administration should condemn the CCP’s violence and not remain silent about Beijing’s gross human rights violations during the pandemic.

It urged the United States and the international community to stand up and speak out in support of the people of Shanghai and China and aim to stop the Communist Party’s atrocities.


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