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Martin Lewis has issued an urgent warning the anyone receiving scam email or text messages in the new year.

The Money Saving Expert founder has a large following across the UK thanks to his cash-saving tips and reputation as a consumer champion.

Mr Lewis has previously warned his 1.2 million following of scams using his name.

In December last year, he shared a warning from Action Fraud.

Martin Lewis issues fresh scam warning to people across the UK

Now he has once again urged customers to reports suspicious emails using his name.

One follower tweeted: “Just got this spam email. Definitely don’t click anything if you get it.”

Mr Lewis replied: “greed. Especially DON’T CLICK UNSUBSCRIBE… that just lets the scammers know they’ve hit an active email address (same applies to scam texts, don’t reply stop, it just tells them the number works).

“Forward these scam emails to then delete.”

Action Fraud statement over Martin Lewis scam

Action Fraud previously moved to warn consumers of Martin Lewis Scam emails with over 305 reports of phishing scams in just one week.

A statement read: “Action Fraud has received 305 reports about fake emails purporting to be from Martin Lewis.

“A significant uplift has been noted in the number of pfishing emails related to Martin Lewis, a well-known financial advisor on social media.

“The email is entitled ‘Martin Lewis: we are in crisis. Follow the revolutionary way to survive financially.’

“The links in the emails lead to phishing websites that are designed to steal your personal and financial information.”


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