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Hello to the fellow Mac-People of Macrumors !

I have a mildly huge problem with my MacBook Pro 15″ Early 2011.

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 , with the last available Security-Update (17G14042)

Model Number : A1286

It got a new graphics card/chip a few years ago, did its job good and then started to fail again earlier this year.
Hadn’t used it since June. Thought about getting it fixed at a place where they change out the faulty graphics unit…
Decided against that money wise, just doesn’t make sense, spending 300€ for a problem that may come back on such a old machine.

Well it lead me into thinking of trying it myself to make it usable again with the graphics-power-tradeoff of not having the extra card anymore, but still being able to use the MacBook. Cause either way the graphics power is not suitable anymore for what I would need in power, so nevermind.

I followed along with this tutorial : https://gist.github.com/cdleon/d1eff7246a25193304284ecec40445b0

It had a few points where I don’t know for sure if what I putted in worked or not.

– Resetting SMC
– Resetting NVRAM

I somehow came through the said stuff to do, but I had to do the “csrutil disable” in the >recovery mode terminal<, cause it wouldn’t let me do it in the >single user recovery mode< shell…

Somehow I think the “Attempting System Restart…MACH Reboot” Situation occurred when I typed in the last reboot, to finish off the procedure.

I mixed the two procedures and also used the description of the first and highlighted comment -> artkirienko

What I can see is, that the screen itself, looks a little more dim, than ususal like having it at 70% brightness level…
Maybe that’s related to a point of the procedure. (can’t alter that in >recovery mode<)

The thing now is, when I try to start the MacBook without pressing any special startup configuration, the screen in attachment 1 appears and ends with the screen in attachment 2. The same occurs when I try to use one of the following :

Trying Starting into >single user mode<
—> cmd + s

Trying Starting up in >verbose mode<, doesn’t work at all
—> cmd + v

The shell is not usable in all three situations, so I can’t type anything there.
What was working prior, somehow seems not accessible anymore…
Cause I could type into the shell previously performing the last steps of code in the tutorial…


Starting up into >Recovery Mode< just works fine somehow, no graphics issues, no failures whatsoever, just works in a clean and unaltered manner. It just is there as it should be. -> it starts up with showing a bunch of code in the manner of the >single user recovery mode< , then shows me the language selection and its normal user interface.
—> cmd + r


Does anybody have a clue how I can maneuver myself out of this pity again ?
Its just mad, not having any way of movement that I can perform from my own minds capacities, as I just don’t know what’s happening…

Maybe you got a trick up your sleeve…

There is also this tutorial : https://realmacmods.com/macbook-2011-radeon-gpu-disable/

Have a nice Day !

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