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Job Title

Mid/Senior Python Contract Developer

Job Description

Cdev is building a Serverless development framework that will be the future of Python Serverless development. We are looking for a full time Mid-Senior Python contract developer to help maintain and expand our SDK . You will work collaboratively with the founder to support the development of the SDK. You will have opportunities to help design and implement core features and api’s.

The ideal candidate will have experience building or maintaining large Python codebases. This person should be able to design and implement features within an established framework’s design philosophy. They should exemplify a level of thoughtfulness and empathy when designing features that will be used by end users of the framework.

This person will start out on a contract basis with around 30 to 40 hours of development work a week. As the company grows, they will have the opportunity to transition into a full time employee.


Remote (although you have the option to visit or work at our office in Durham, NC)


Majority of the work will be asynchronous collaboration on the framework’s code base. At the beginning, we will need to have blocks of synchronous time to help with onboarding onto the code base. After that, you should generally be available to schedule synchronous meetings (with the EST time zone) when given 36 hours of notice. Since you will be working directly with me on the code base, I will be highly available for synchronous communications whenever you need.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please



  • Learn the architecture of the framework
  • Create tools and features that improve the development experience of using the framework. This will be a collaborative process taking input from end users and the team.
  • Improve test coverage
  • Fix known issues and bugs as they come up
  • Help design and implement additional high level API’s within the framework


  • 3+ years working with Python
  • Strong understanding of the fundamentals of Python
  • Demonstration of ability to create maintainable and understandable code bases
  • Experience using a Public Cloud (Aws, Azure, GCP, etc)


  • Experience maintaining a Python framework
  • Experience testing a framework for multiple environments and Python versions
  • Experience writing public documentation for a tool

About the Company

Cdev is focused on creating the tools to enable a terrific developer experience when building Serverless Applications with Python. We believe that by unlocking the value of Serverless Development, we can enable more people to use software to solve problems. We have created a custom framework with optimizations that make developing Serverless applications on Aws feel like writing normal Python. As we begin to transition efforts to helping early adopters build with our SDK, we need help to maintain development efforts on the core SDK.

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