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Google released Android 12 in October of this year, packed with countless improvements for privacy, security, interface design, and other components. The update has been slowly rolling out to select smartphones and tablets, and now Motorola has officially revealed which of its many (many, many) phones will receive the update.

Motorola published a blog post on Tuesday (via Android Police) sharing details about its Android 12 update, which includes improvements to “My UX,” the company’s Android skin. Motorola’s flavor of Android 12 looks fairly close to what you would find on the Google Pixel series, complete with a variation of Material You. However, it doesn’t look like My UX will automatically obtain the color from your wallpaper like Pixel phones — instead, a color palette is available from the Settings app.

Motorola also shared a complete list of all phones that will receive the official Android 12 update. There’s no timeline on any of these, other than a vague promise that the first updates “will begin in February 2022.” Most of the recent Moto Edge and Moto G devices are included, as well as both versions of the Moto Razr.

Motorola phones with planned Android 12 update

Motorola Razr & Edge

  • razr 5G
  • razr 2020
  • motorola edge 20 pro
  • motorola edge 20
  • motorola edge 20 lite
  • motorola edge 20 fusion
  • motorola edge (2021)
  • motorola edge 5G UW
  • motorola edge plus
  • motorola one 5G ace
  • motorola one 5G UW ace

Motorola Moto G

  • moto g200 5G
  • moto g71 5G
  • moto g51 5G
  • moto g41
  • moto g31
  • moto g100
  • moto g60s
  • moto g60
  • moto g50 / moto g50 5G
  • moto g40 fusion
  • moto g30
  • moto g power (2022)
  • moto g pure
  • moto g stylus 5g

Business Edition Phones

  • moto g pro
  • motorola edge (2021)
  • motorola edge 20
  • motorola edge 20 lite
  • motorola edge 20 fusion

Even though that list might seem substantial, there are many recent Motorola phones that will apparently not be updated. The Moto G10 (also known as the Edge S), Moto G10 Power, Moto E7 Power, and 2021 Moto G Play were all released this year and won’t get Android 12. Most of the company’s phones from last year aren’t on that list, either.

Even though the update is great news for people with those phones, it seems like Motorola still isn’t interested in changing its abysmal track record with major Android updates, especially with the company’s budget phones. Meanwhile, most of Samsung’s budget devices receive at least two major Android updates, and Apple’s original $399 iPhone SE from 2016 is still running the latest version of iOS.

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