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Today I did setup my new desk / found the time to do it – as I moved back to France after few years abroad.
I did purchase a while ago (more than 10 years) a 2.1 Harman Kardon speakers and decided to connect it to my MacPro for the first time.
I never needed until now to use the external output audio 3.5 on my MacPro using Catalina.

I did install Catalina using the Catalina patcher and found out that I had no audio interface excluding the one coming form my 24″ Cinema Display LED.
I did reset the PRAM but the system keeps ignoring my MP audio interface.


Is it a known issue with the dosdude1 patch? is there a solution?

On the side I’m planning to move to BigSur with OpenCore because the OS is now at its latest iteration and won’t received any system update beside security updates from Apple.
from those running open core on BigSur / Monterey does your MP audio interface available / can you use the output 3.5 jack (back of the MP) to output some sound ?



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