NSW couple loses $500,000 to highly sophisticated Aussie scam | #phishing | #scams | #education | #technology | #infosec


A New South Wales couple has lost half a million dollars to a highly sophisticated scam, thinking they were investing in a legitimate finance company.

Maths teacher Jody Bridges has told Ben Fordham on 2GB how her and husband carried out research and spoke multiple staff members of the “company” they believed to be legitimate.

It appears the scammers created a website purporting to be the boutique investment division of ANZ bank, ANZ Capel Court.

The scammers were allegedly using ANZ Capel Court ABN number and financial services’ licence.

Bridges said she had been speaking to the purported company for more than two months, having spoken to multiple “staff members” before they made payments.

“I did company checks,” she said.

“Everything seemed to be real and legitimate.

“I even called ASIC to check the company existed and it did.”

Bridges said the couple made one payment on April 13 and another on April 14, with the second flagged by her bank as likely having an issue.

She then spoke to the scammers for almost two weeks after she realised it was illegitimate on April 14.

Since she began questioning the scammers, they have allegedly escalated to dishing abuse and threats.

An audio recording of one of Bridges’ phone calls with one of the scammers was played on 2GB in which the scammer – who has an Australian accent – got angry at her for “talking down” to him.

Bridges has since received messages telling her they know where she lives and about her daughter.

She said the scammers are believed to be based in Docklands, Melbourne.


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