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However, this appears to be offset by the reduced efficacy of vaccines against infection with the Omicron variant,” he cautioned.

The “high transmissibility” of Omicron could lead to health services facing “increasing demand” if cases grow at the rate seen recently, the scientist said after the UK recorded over 100,000 daily COVID infections on Wednesday.

The sample for the Imperial College study, which is yet to be peer-reviewed, included 56,000 Omicron cases and 269,000 Delta cases.

Another research by the University of Edinburgh and other experts in Scotland, based on a small sample of 15 people in hospital, also concluded a two-thirds reduction in the risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation when compared to Delta.

Dr Jim McMenamin, the national COVID-19 incident director for Public Health Scotland, said the findings were “a qualified good news story”, but that it was “important we don’t get ahead of ourselves”. He said a “smaller proportion of a much greater number of cases” could still mean a “substantial” number of people may experience severe COVID-19 infections which could lead to hospitalisation.


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