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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Phishing, defined as a cybercrime in which someone poses as a legitimate institution to lure people into providing personal or financial information. 

When it comes to phishing, the Better Business Bureau says: 

“The sender relies on a victim’s curiosity to click or download something dangerous.” And that, “many of these messages are from impostors pretending to be trustworthy businesses and organizations.” 

Organizations like the BBB. 

I received an e-mail to my work account recently that “abuse claim” in the subject line. 

It says, “This notification has been automatically generated and sent to you because the Better Business Bureau has received an abuse, claiming that your company is violating the Safety and Health Act. You can download the text file with the explanation of abuse by following” then included a link. 

It was signed: Dorothy W. Gray, BBB Abuse Department. 

As tempted as I was to click on the link, I reached out to the BBB of Central Ohio instead, and asked if the message is an actual claim, or a possible scam. 

The BBB’s Investigations Director, confirmed it is certainly a phishing email scam, adding that the bureau is aware of these emails, and recommends that I file a report. 

Click here to see more information from the Better Business Bureau about types of phishing scams, how they work, and ways to avoid them. 

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