Please elp me get my MBP (mid 2012 non-retina) working | #macos | #macsecurity | #education | #technology | #infosec


Okay, so about a year ago, my display crapped out on my MBP… no backlight, just dead screen. I never had a chance to bring it in for repair, but upon powering up, I could hear the boot up noises… leading me to believe it’s a display issue.

Fast forward to today, my good buddy gave me his MBP (also mid 2012 non-retina, in better shape than mine). He was experiencing battery issues, and decided to go with a Mac Mini instead… he just wants the hard drive returned.

My plan is to take the battery and SSD from my MBP with display issues, and install it into my buddy’s chassis. Is this something I can do myself? Are there any special procedures involved, or would it be a straightforward parts swap? I have zero experience upgrading Mac computers, but have built and repaired many Windows PCs in the past. I’m just not sure if there’s any security measures on this model MBP that would prevent me from simply swapping the drive.

Thanks in advance!


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