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Pokemon Go Fest 2022 is in full swing, and players are already frustrated by the lack of shiny Pokemon they’ve found despite their odds of appearing being increased.

The annual Pokemon Go Fest is being held once again for the 6th year in a row in 2022, and it was once again made available globally with the purchase of a ticket for $14.99.

Players often debate whether the ticket is worth the price, especially for those who primarily play from their homes. But a large number of players are coerced into purchasing a ticket due to the increased shiny odds.

However, finding shiny Pokemon is still up to chance, and even players who check hundreds of Pokemon could walk away with nothing. This left several players frustrated with the game’s shiny RNG.

The Pokemon Company / Game Freak

Shiny Pokemon are rare color variants of creatures that are incredibly hard to find.

Pokemon Go players unhappy with Go Fest shinies

The first day of Go Fest 2022 featured rotating habitats each with its own unique set of Pokemon. Several of the Pokemon that spawn have increased shiny odds for those who purchased a ticket.

Even though the event spans two days, and lasts for six hours each day, players are still coming home empty-handed. Several posts on Reddit have been flooded with comments from players reporting their lackluster shiny hauls.

A large number of comments relayed the same message, “Almost 800 catches, few more hundred clicked, ticket holder.. shiny count? 4” Another read, “3 hours in 200 Pokémon caught 0 shiny.”

One post went as far as to claim that Niantic scammed players into buying tickets. The post read, “I honestly think everyone who bought a ticket got completely scammed. The rates are not like what they were last year and they should have said they made them less.

Since the sub is going to be shiny and shiny complaints all day from pokemongo

Other comments came from users who were tired of hearing the shiny hunting community’s complaints. “The shiny hunters are the biggest cry babies in this sub,” one user commented. And shiny hunters rebutted, “I’ve been playing for 4+ hours and paid for a ticket. One shiny isn’t really that much to ask for.”

This isn’t the first time Niantic has unintentionally ruffled players’ feathers, but hopefully, they can make changes necessary to appease its players.


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