Police in Latchford warn of fake family phishing scam | #phishing | #scams | #education | #technology | #infosec

POLICE in Latchford are warning residents to be wary of a new phishing scam.

Officers in the area say they have received a number of reports of the con which involves scammers pretending to be family members.

Con artists are contacting residents on social media and asking for money while pretending to know the victim.

Officers are urging people to be extra vigilant and to report the scams to Cheshire Police.

Posting an update, the force’s Latchford East and West Police teams said: “We have recently received reports of attempted ‘phishing’ scams whereby people have been pretending to be family members on social media apps to obtain money by deception.

“Please can people be extra vigilant on social media, particularly when being asked questions around money

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